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Our law firm represents school districts, charter schools, colleges and universities, municipalities, park districts and other local governments throughout Illinois.  We know this client base well, know its particular needs and problems, and understand the special, often highly-charged environment in which it operates. We are committed to the success of local government entities. Our clients tell us our high level of commitment is exceptional... we hope you'll consider finding out for yourself.

With 37 attorneys in three state-of-the-art offices in Arlington Heights, Peoria and O'Fallon, we are large enough to meet any or all of our clients' legal needs, yet not so large that any client's need is ever overlooked.  Contact us today!


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Governor Quinn Signs into Law New EpiPen and Medication Self Administration Amendments

Section 504 Hearing Officer Determines that Schools Need Not Implement School-Wide Allergen Bans

Illinois Legislature Expands Bullying Prevention Law

ISBE Rules Adopt USDA Nutrition Standards for "Competitive" Foods and Beverages


Welcome Back for the 2014-2015 School Year!

Trial Court Upholds RIF of Tenured Teachers in Group 2 Despite Allegedly Incomplete Evaluations

Illinois Supreme Court Finds Recent Pension Reform Unconstitutional

Amendment to the Illinois School Safety Drill Act Enables School Districts to Make Updated Emergency and Crisis Response Plans Available through Electronic Applications on Electronic Devices (i.e., Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptop Computers)

Lengthy Delay Distinguishes Mediation From Non-Compensable Resolution Session/Parents Awarded Around $160,000 in Total

Hearsay in Administrative Hearing Violates Tenured Teacher's Due Process When Outcome Depends on Witness Credibility